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What is CECIM?

Our organization
The Center for Education and Capacity-building in Honor of Sister Maura Clarke (CECIM), is a foundation that represents the community of Ciudad Sandino, both socially and with regards to its roots in Christianity. Every day, CECIM works to promote the development of the community.
CECIM has developed a strategy of strengthening and promoting the participation of the community in its work. This approach has a positive impact since the locals agree with CECIM´s mission. The team at CECIM has many years of experience in the educational and professional fields and remains committed to just causes.
Mission and Vision
To promote and strengthen human development with the aim of improving the standard of living with the promotion of education, and culture in favor of the democratic transformations in our society which will lead us towards the achievement of peace and human rights.  
To help to build a new community - renewed, modern, strong and united - in search of professional excellence, along with a social, political, economic, cultural and spiritual commitment to promoting service to the sectors of community development that benefits the needy and promote social justice.
To contribute to the human development of the community and to improve the standard of living through programs and projects targeting educational training, employment and economic empowerment by integrating activities that drive forward the social, moral, spiritual cultural, economic and intellect of the community. 
Since its founding, CECIM has won three awards.  The first prize in 1999 was for excellence from Sun of Gold.  In 2000, CECIM won another award from International Gold and Silver for quality.  The thrid prize, in 2002, is from Worldwide Prestige.