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This program focuses on adult literacy and basic education. Here, we promote the development of values and strengthen respect for human rights, while focusing on the lives of the students with a purpose of social transformation. The motto for this program is: a place where you learn to learn and learn to take concerte actions to movtivate a technical integration work.

Los Quinchos: Program for children and teenagers

Los Quinchos is a space which serves children, adolescents, and youth in the hopes of building new types of relationships where tenderness is the method of communication. The skills training classes fulfill a need of the participants, developing their skills in order to learn new techniques they can apply to in their work. The courses offered include: painting, crafts, dance, theater, karate, guitar, choir, and aerobics. These classes are also accompanied with comprehensive training workshops for children, mothers and fathers.
The House of Peace promotes and strengthens human development in order to improve the standard of living. This program is designed to promote the social-educational process, cultural and liberating for the democratic transformations in our society and towards the attainment of peace and human rights. The areas of priority in the House of Peace are: education and training which are designed to support adult education; technical training and workforce empowerment; the protection of children and adolescents who are survivors of domestic and sexual violence; and cultural activities.
The classes at the three centers of Angel de La Guarda are technical training opportunities for youth, women, and the community at large. There are courses in the areas of administration and skills training. Administration classes include: cash registrar techniques with computers, typing and how to operate a computer. Training courses include: sewing, beauty, piñata, crafts, pastries, carpentry, mechanics, welding, and electricity. 
Situated in the community of Bello Amanecer, this school offers an integrated education from pre-school to high school.  In fact, the primary and secondary schools include vocational classes, allowing students to try their hands at a variety of jobs. The benefits of attending Maura Clarke include: English from pre-school, manual workshops, painting, theater, dance, and agriculture.    
We believe training should be integrated - include formal ways to make a living, and then demonstrate technical enablement - therefore, actions should be directed towards enabling such an economic activity. This is the integral task the Revolving Fund hopes to fulfil for those starting to build an honest living.