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March Assembly

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 3 jun 2009, 18:20 por Alexis Horn-Snyder   [ actualizado el 3 jun 2009, 18:51 ]
March 23rd, 2009
On the occassion of the anniversary celebration of the beginning of the National crusade of Literacy, on the 23rd of March, we celebrated the first assembly where we remembered how signficiant this campaign was for Nicaraguans. In fact, today illiteracy is about 12% nationally, signficantly down from the 50% it was in 1980.
At CECIM, we designated the year 2009 as the year of Education, remembering that our educational work in this municipality lowered the illiteracy rate from 11% to less than 4%.  In fact, this accomplishment was praised by the Ministry of Education when it declared Ciudad Sandino literate.  
This school year, we suceeded in matriculting 1,843 students in three levels, that are attended to by 170 voluntary teachers, 30 promoters, and 8 coordinators. Our goal is to reach the highest level of retention and this is what we passioinately work to accomplish.