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Ciudad Sandino


Ciudad Sandino is a young municipality, within Managua, located at the 12 ½ mile along the road to Leon. It has a land area of 51.11 km ². The urban area is 12.30 km ² and the rural area represents 38.81 km ². The municipal urban areas, composed of districts, are mostly housing developments and newly formed settlements.
The population of Ciudad Sandino is 51% women.

In recent years an economic boom has hit the municipality and has led to the formation of small service companies, eateries, the municipal market, and big business establishments. Equally remarkable is the infrastructure growth, with regards to both the private and public sector buildings.

Its population - nearly 150,000 people - has a vast capacity with the majority of the people working in the capital city of Managua.

Among the picturesque characteristics, there are: many dance groups, and a number of reference sites like the square of the goats (municipal seat). As for plants and trees, there are many mango trees, coconuts, palms and other species. In addition, young people are the majority of population and take part in various sports leagues.