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Calendar of Events

March 23rd
Anniversary of the National Literacy Campaign (C. N. A.)
Opening of the school year.
Educators and students from different sectors.
June 29th
Teacher Recognition Day
Recognizing the educational work of volunteers and teachers of CECIM's different projects.
Volunteer teachers, instructors of Los Quinchos program, teachers of the technical classes, and teachers at the Center for Education in Honor of Maura Clarke.
August 19th
Los Quinchos Dance Festival
Demonstrate the acquired skills of the children and youth with respect to folkloric dance and other types of dance.Dance groups, guests, and the community at large
August 23rd
Anniversary of the culmination of C. N. A.
Celebrate the end of the semester and the anniversary of the culmination of C. N. A.
Students of the adult education program, educators and members of the community.
September 8th
Anniversary of International Literacy Day
Celebrate the day designated by UNESCO as well as to reaffirm the continuity of a quality education.
Educators and students.
December 2nd
Anniversary of Maura Clarke
Celebrate the mass of Maura Clarke and to give thanks for a successful school year.
Educators and students.